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The Health Factory Indium 10 ML

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Indium manufactured based on the specifications of Dr. Morton Walker's Book INDIUM, The Age-Reversing Trace Element. Indium is the 7th rarest element on Earth. Indium is not found in food and water and is no longer found in the human body after the age of 25-30.

Nano Minerals

Minerals are the source of all physical life and the basis of nutrition. The human body consists of about 4% minerals which control every organ and all the electrical impulses in the body. Minerals, like the 50 billion cells in our body which they feed, are dependent on each other for their operation. Therefore we need the full spectrum.

The Health Factory's Nano minerals are characterized by extremely small particles which are immediately absorbed and 100% bio-available, resulting in immediate and effective results.

The Health Factory packages its products in the highest quality dark violet glass bottles which allow only positive infrared and ultraviolet light to pass through. This prevents oxidization, resulting in a superior product that retains its qualities and potency.

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Indium is het op 7ste na meest zeldzame element op aarde. Indium wordt niet gevonden in voedsel en in water en na het 25ste-30ste levensjaar ook niet meer in het menselijk lichaam. Indium is een uniek en echt adviesproduct. Het is altijd verpakt in hoogwaardig donker violetglas.