Luisa Abram | Chocolate Sample Box 340g

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Founded in 2014, Luisa Abram is an award winning chocolate maker that dedicates itself to sourcing micro-lot, wildly grown cacao from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. The chocolate is made small-scale in São Paulo, Brazil by the Abram-Banks family: Luisa, Andre, Mirian and Andrea.  The family takes a very hands-on approach to ensure the highest quality of the wild-harvested, slow-churned fermentation, small-batch micro-lot production of their chocolate.


Why settle for one when you can taste a variety of Luisa Abram's best-selling, award-winning, wild-harvested chocolates from the Amazon Rainforest.


Sample Box contains 40 units of 8g each:

5 units of 70% Acará
5 units of 70% Purus
5 units of 70% Tocantins
5 units of 81% Acará
5 units of 81% Purus
5 units of 81% Tocantins
5 pieces of milk chocolate
5 units of caramelized white chocolate


Organic Sugar | Wild cocoa | Powdered milk | Amazon cocoa butter


Allergens. Contains milk. May contain traces of milk, Brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts, pecans, pine nuts and pistachios.



Family-run business based in São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 2014.

Working with riverside communities to collect wild-foraged cacao from the rainforests and floodplains of the Amazon river.

Socially conscious business creating jobs within the local community.

Providing training to improve cacao quality and processing.

Tree-to-bar maker specialising in micro-lot fermentation and chocolate making.

Key player in Brazil’s blossoming craft chocolate movement.