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The Petit Company encourages you to live better. We offer Healthy Lifestyle tips, plus a selection of tried and tested healthy products that improve wellness. Affordable solutions for at home Self-care.

TrueDark® eyewear provides a true 24-hour solution for improving productivity, sleep and well-being. We are excited to bring TrueDark® to markets outside of the USA.


Looking at screens or sitting under artificial light all day? Protect your eyes from junk light and keep your circadian rhythm on track.


Stay alert during the day without zapping your energy, so you can feel and perform your best.


Minimize light exposure to help your body produce more melatonin naturally, and induce faster, deeper sleep.

Best Health Improving Products and Supplements, from brands you can trust: TrueDark®, PiLeje, The Health Factory, Noordcode.

Trusted by Leaders in Health and Performance

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