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The Petit Company specializes in curating products which enhance and amplify Wellness, Lifestyle and Performance. The Petit Company was founded by Certified Human Potential Coach and Biohacker Maria A. Petit | MS PETIT COACH to make quality Wellness, Lifestyle and Performance services and products accessible in the Netherlands and outside the USA.   A trusted platform where ALL of the products sold on The Petit Company shop have been personally tried and tested by Maria Petit and extended network of biohackers for quality and efficacy. The Petit Company is an authorised wholesaler of TrueDark®, The Health Factory Nano Minerals, NoordCode, PiLeje,  Life Extension, Quicksilver Scientific and The Tides| Wellness. To shop TrueDark in the USA go to TrueDark® USA


Our selection of tried & tested healthy products that improve wellness and enhance your lifestyle.

Vitamins, nano minerals, collagen supplement from quality brands: Noordcode, The Health Factory, Pileje vitamins and Quicksilver Scientific liposomal vitamins.





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The Petit Company is a verified reseller of TrueDark ® , The Health Factory Nano Minerals, NoordCode, PiLeje Worldwide, The | Tides Wellness and Life Extension.  All product and company names are the registered trademarks of their original owners.