The | Tides Wellness - Peace Out - Aromatherapy Roll On


The | Tides Wellness - Peace Out | Aromatherapy Roll On 10ML




Quiets a restless mind to bring tranquillity, calm and presence to the moment.


Key ingredients
Soothing organic oils with a woody, floral and herbaceous aromatherapy blend.


Products benefits

  • Natural mind-relaxer and heart opener.

  • Relieves emotional mental fatigue and feelings of exhaustion.

  • Has a soothing and stabilizing effect on the nervous system.

  • Helps to wind down and promotes a good night of healthy sleep.

Product description

Sometimes you just need to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Our Peace Out rollerball takes the edge of when you feel overwhelmed or stressed out. Created with a blend of relaxing, grounding and de-stressing essential oils to bring calm, to find stillness and to bring peace and presence to the moment. Helps to wind down before you go to sleep. Great for incorporating into your meditation or yoga practice.


Suitable for All skin types.


How to use
Roll over pulse points of wrist and neck. Hold bottle under the nose, close your eyes, inhale the aroma deeply through the nose and fully exhale through the mouth. Repeat 3-6 times.


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